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1. | GearCam Hi-Def Modular Camera & digital recorder
2. USB 5 volt Charger for all GearCams
3. Misc item
4. Metal CCD Sensor Wireless Cam
5. 9 volt pig tail

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1. Misc item
2. | BoosterVision GearCam
3. GearCam DVR - Camera & digital recorder with USB
4. | BoosterVision GearCam & 12db Hi-Gain Combo
5. | GearCam Hi-Def Modular Camera & digital recorder

I do not need to have real time video down linked while I fly or drive.
I only want to record video of the flight or drive of my extreme sport so I can have an extreme sports video.

GearCam DVR click here

I want the best production quality HD Video
I can display on screens 28"-60" and larger with High Definition Resolution

GearCam HD-DVR click here


If you plan to drive or RC fly less then 1800-2200 feet, or launch a rocket under 1 mile then the Mini Gear Cam is the system for you. The  advantage of real time video is if you loose your rocket or other extreme sport device; you still have the video of the flight or drive. You can adjust the antenna system for your needed range.  However down liked video requires more ground support equipment then a digital camera recorder Hitchhiker like our GearCam DVR.

Mini GearCam 2.45ghz  See details here

If you have a 2.4ghz spread spectrum or frequency hopping RC radio controller,
Our 900Mhxz Mini GearCam is perfect for your RC vehicle.

Mini GearCam 900mhz See details here

Our Mini GearCam with 14db Mile high combo is perfect for flying park flyers, R/C airplanes, Mid-Power Rockets, Helicopters and fits most of your intermediate range needs. This is by far one of our most popular combos.

Mini GearCam MileHigh Combo See details here



Mini GearCam

only $89


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